Young-Alfred-H-Hoefer Founded by Alfred H. Hoefer, and partnered with an uncle A.J. Nolting, the funeral home was run in conjunction with a furniture store first located at 1914 Main Street in downtown Higginsville. Charles G. Meinershagen later purchased Mr. Nolting's interest. This partnership was dissolved in 1941 and became known as A.H. Hoefer & Sons.

Things were done differently at the turn o


f the century. There was very little embalming done so most burials were held on the same day as the death. Family members prepared the body and the local furniture store carried a line of wooden caskets. Mr. Hoefer was one of the earlier licensed embalmers in the State of Missouri, holding license number 529.

Alfred and his wife Alvena Hefter Hoefer lived in a large three-story home along with their two sons, Forrest Alfred and Ray Alton. The home was built for them at the corner of 16th & Main in 1915. It later became the site of Hoefer Funeral Home, Inc.

Alfred H. Hoefer  

 Forrest-A.-Hoefer-edit From a small boy, Forrest A. Hoefer helped his father in the furniture/undertaking business, and after graduating from college in 1924; he worked full-time, obtaining his Funeral Directors & Embalmer's license in 1942. Younger brother Ray also joined his father and brother in the family-owned business. The businesses were separated in 1953 after a fire destroyed the downtown location. Hoefer Funeral Home was established and moved to its new location of 1600 Main where a chapel was added. Forrest and his wife Gloria assumed responsibility of the funeral home upon Alfred's death in 1959 and continued until Forrest retired in 1976. In 1978, he was honored as a 50-year member of Missouri Funeral Directors Association. He was an avid fisherman.
 Forrest A. Hoefer  


Third generation Forrest R. "Frosty" Hoefer joined the funeral home and ambulance service after completing his U.S. Army service in 1953. At age 20, he was one of the youngest graduates of Kansas City Mortuary School, and had to wait until he was 21 years old to receive his license. Frosty and wife Dorothy, also a licensed funeral director, owned the funeral home from 1976-1989 upon his retirement. He was active in the civic community and a lifelong member of Grace United Methodist Church.

 Forrest Ray "Frosty" Hoefer  

 Sevier-photo-edit Sevier Hoefer, the fourth generation at the Hoefer Funeral Home, Inc., began working with his father and grandfather in 1973. He became the manager and vice-president in 1976. Sevier is a licensed insurance agent for the state of Missouri as well as a licensed funeral director and embalmer. He is a graduate of Lafayette Co. C-1 High School in Higginsville and Dallas Institute of Mortuary Science in Dallas, Texas.
 Sevier Hoefer  

Alvena Hefter Hoefer Gloria Boehme Hoefer  Dorothy Gerkin Hoefer  Janice-Hoefer-oval

Alvena Hefter Hoefer

Gloria Boehme Hoefer

Dorothy Gerkin Hoefer

Janice Hoefer
Alvena, Gloria, & Dorothy are the women who partnered with their husbands during the first three generations of Hoefer Funeral Home. Many times they stood side by side with their husbands as they greeted families and friends at funerals and visitations. The wives filled in wherever necessary, from clerical duties to answering the business telephone. They were also instrumental in the funeral home decorating. Through the years, much technological advancement has made it easier to do much of the behind-the-scene work, yet these women of Hoefer Funeral Home have added their own special talents to make the Hoefer Funeral Home, Inc. establishment what it is today.